Need a Workers Compensation or Social Security Disability Attorney in Brooklyn?

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We are experienced attorneys dedicated to assisting our clients obtain the workers compensation and Social Security Disability benefits they are entitled to receive. We only take on viable cases, so we may act as better advocates for each of our clients.

Workers Compensation

At the Law Office of David Kuznicki, we have experience in a wide variety of workers compensation matters. We are available to fill out the necessary forms and applications for our clients and help you from beginning to end. We are also available to answer your questions in the following areas:

Social Security Disability

In addition to our experience in workers compensation matters, we also have a great deal of experience helping our clients obtain their Social Security disability benefits. We have assisted clients with the following:

If you need assistance completing the application for your workers compensation or Social Security disability claims or have any questions regarding the benefits you may be entitled to receive, a Brooklyn workers compensation attorney or Social Security disability lawyer is available to assist you. We work with employees who have long work histories and who need assistance with both the paperwork associated with these claims and with evaluating whether they are eligible for benefits.

We can fill out the forms and applications for you to help you from beginning to end.

Contact a Brooklyn Social Security disability lawyer or workers compensation attorney at our firm today.

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